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Storm Water Runoff Update

On Friday, June 3, MPOA was made aware of an apparent runoff issue that seemed to be coming from the Henderson Elementary construction site. On Monday morning, June 6, the appropriate county officials were notified of our concern that it seemed as if the construction site did not have appropriate sediment controls in place causing the runoff that was noticed on Waterway Drive and in the streams below. In response to our concern, the county sent out four county personnel to investigate the site. Representatives of the MPOA staff, Board of Directors, and the Lake Management Committee met with these individuals at the construction site to review it with them.

It was mutually agreed upon after the review that the muddy water that was noticed and reported was not as a result of improper and/or a failure of sediment control measures at the construction site. Downstream of the site shows that there is an existing 12 inch pipe that was blocked and that a vortex formed to scour the sides of the adjacent bank and therefore created discoloration of water downstream. Also the overland flow is directed to the existing inlet that had been covered with debris, resulting in flooding and debris unto the street.

MPOA staff then reached out to VDOT to advise them that their drain was clogged an in need of their immediate attention. The following morning, Tuesday, June 7, VDOT was onsite with a large vacuum truck, clearing the drain of debris. We are very pleased with the expeditiousness with which the County and VDOT responded to our concerns and resolved the issue. We will continue to monitor the area and will similarly address any future such events. We encourage those residents who notice events like this to notify the MPOA via either telephone to (703) 670-6187, or via email at one or all of the following email addresses;,, or

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