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Black Bear Sighting in Montclair

Attention residents, a black bear was sighted in Montclair earlier this morning. Prince William County has not, as of now, released an official warning. However, residents are advised to not approach the bear if it is seen, and to exercise appropriate caution. Please keep in mind that there is no reason for alarm. Black bears have a natural distrust of humans and normally avoid people and crowded areas.

To avoid attracting bears in your area, please make sure to,

Remove bird feeders. It is best not to put out food for birds from April - November.

Secure your garbage. Store garbage indoors, in a shed, garage, or in a bear-proof container.

Put garbage out on the morning of pickup, not the night before.

Pick up pet food. Feed pets only what they will eat in a single feeding or feed them indoors. Remove all uneaten food. Do not leave food out overnight.

Clean the grill often. Do not dump drippings in your yard.

Bears usually avoid residential areas, but may venture into neighborhoods if they detect food.

Click here to learn more from the Virginia Dept. of Game and Inland Fisheries.

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