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VDOT street maintenance

Please be aware that VDOT will be performing routine maintenance on the following streets between Monday, October 30 and Saturday, November 4

  • Candlestick Ct. (10/31-Milling, 11/2-Paving )

  • Beaver Dam Rd. (11/1-Milling, 11/3-Paving)

  • Cliffbrook Ct. (11/1-Milling, 11/3-Paving)

  • Spillway Ln. (11/2-Milling, 11/4-Paving)

  • Dolphin Dr. (11/3-Milling, 11/6-Paving)

  • Fairway Dr. (11/4-Milling, 11/8-Paving)

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to VDOT at (703) 383-8368.

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