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Lake Clean Up

Today’s lake clean-up effort was a great success! With the help of our volunteers, we were able to remove 23 bags of trash from West Beach and surrounding areas and did so in just 2 hours! While there is still a lot to collect, it was in areas that were not accessible or safe to traverse. As such, we will be back at West Beach next Tuesday, July 3rd at 8am in hopes that the impending hot, dry weather solidifies the exposed lake bed more to allow for access to those areas. Come join us in cleaning up the lake.

We would like to thank the 17 volunteers that joined the MPOA Maintenance staff this morning at West Beach to assist in the collection of trash from the lake.

Joe Perez and Ava Perez

Charlotte and Maureen McCormick

Buck Arvin

Steve Hash and Sharon Hash

Petra Bietsch

Robin Hilliard

Kathy, Rose, and Violet VIllareale

Kendra and Cora Gentrup

Catherine Schorn

Ridley Bolick

Walt Giraldi

Lake Clean Up

Lake Clean Up

Lake Clean Up

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