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Spillway Project Update

Dear Montclair owners,

The spillway project continues to go very smoothly, only recently experiencing a minor delay due to the exorbitant amount of rain we received. The contractor is currently backfilling the area around the cutback protection wall. Once the wall is backfilled completely, and the projects being performed in areas that are typically underwater are completed, the lake can be allowed to start returning to its normal pool level. The spillway project is expected to be substantially completed by mid-September.

The underwater projects are underway and include the stabilization of the swim platforms at West and Dolphin Beach, the replacement of several dock pilings, and the installation of buoys for swim ropes. These projects are expected to be completed in the coming weeks. We will issue a notice once it has been determined that the lake level can begin to rise.

The Dolphin Beach Restoration Ad Hoc committee is continuing in their efforts towards making Dolphin Beach the amenity it was prior to the project. They will bring their recommendations on things such as lighting, lifeguard chairs, the pavilion, dock replacement, etc. to the Board in the coming months in preparation for the beach to be ready for use next season. Their next meeting is scheduled for 3pm on Friday, August 10th, here at the MPOA Building.

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