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We Did It!

The time has come! The day is here! We have closed the gate on the primary spillway and are ready to allow the lake to start returning to normal pool. The spillway project will reach substantial completion by the end of the week. A punch list will be developed to address minor items and issues, but it is essentially complete. Until all punch list items have been addressed and we have reached final completion, Dolphin Beach remains an active construction site and should be avoided. All things considered the project has gone very well. The contractor has been able to navigate the challenges brought on by the enormous amounts of rains we experienced during the project with very minor impact on the completion of the project. Many thanks to the volunteer Board and Committee members and staff that worked so hard on this effort over the years to bring Montclair in to compliance with state regulations.

The significant task of restoring Dolphin Beach to the recreational facility it once was continues at the Dolphin Beach Restoration Ad Hoc Committee. In the coming months, proposals will be presented to the Board for things like a new floating dock, a new deck, a new playground, new lighting and electrical, a new pavilion, etc. The goal of the committee is to have Dolphin Beach restored prior to opening for the season in 2019. Stayed tuned for updates as this effort progresses.

The beaches remain closed and another communication will be issued once the beaches have been opened. Time for everyone to start doing your rain dances and let's hope for a wet fall!

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