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Kids Fest Store

All Access Pass

Passes are required to obtain a wristband that will grant access to booths and activities. Wristbands are NOT required for entrance to the event.

Members Only

In addition to your ticket, you must have a valid recreation pass to attend this event. Limit two guests per pass.


By purchasing this pass, you will be added to our list of pre-orders. On the day of the event, we will check you in at the pre-order gate. No physical ticket is necessary to check in.

Refund Policy

If the event is moved or canceled you may request a refund.

Volunteer for special perks!


What if I don't want to purchase an all-access pass but I want to accompany someone or just access the event?
An all-access pass is NOT required to attend the Montclair Kids Fest! Attendees that choose to NOT purchase a pass can still attend and enjoy the following:
• Any shows on the stage
• Craft booth
• Fire department and police tents
• photo op w/our event sign
• Kids program market
• Food trucks
• Snack tent
What will I miss out on if I don't have an all-access pass?
• Inflatables
• Petting zoo
• Laser tag
• Game booths with prizes for every play
• Face painting
• Photo booth w/props


Food is NOT included with the purchase of your all-access pass.
All-access passes are non-transferable and must be purchased for each individual wishing to partake in the benefits of the pass.
⚠ Please note that a valid recreation pass is required to attend this event. Limit two guests per pass ⚠

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