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A presentation at the office

Montclair is comprised of thousands of families of varying sizes and lifestyles and should be represented by a Board of Directors with just as much diversity. This year's Annual Meeting & Election is the perfect opportunity for candidates to step up and represent not only their precinct, but their fellow Monclairions as well. We encourage you to learn more about what the Board of Directors does and consider becoming a candidate for a Precinct Representative position in the upcoming 2024 Annual Election of the Board of Directors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Precinct Representatives (Precinct Rep.) serve as members of the board and act as a resource for their respective precinct. Precinct reps may be contacted by members of the precinct to voice concerns regarding their home or business they feel the board should discuss. Find out what precinct you live in here.


Serving on the board is much more than simply fulfilling a community service. It is taking on a role as a fiduciary, which means to serve all the members of the community to the highest standard of care and loyalty under the law. The board is responsible for making and enforcing policies of the association and relies upon its officers and agents to execute those decisions. After the community elects the directors, the board will hold its own election determining the officers of the corporation for the upcoming year. The officers consist of a President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The board may also consider appointments to various committees and assign directors as board liaisons to those committees. The duties and responsibilities of each of these officer positions are detailed in article five of the MPOA Bylaws and article two of the Community Guidelines.


What does a Precinct

Rep do



qualifications do I need

Candidates for the board must be an association member in good standing. Any special skills or experiences that could benefit the community are welcome. For example, experience with putting together budgets, managing or negotiating vendor contracts, or having a background in communications are all desirable.


While all skills and experiences make a well-rounded and effective team, the candidate only needs to have the desire to improve Montclair with an interest in how the association is governed.

The board holds regularly scheduled meetings on the second Wednesday of each month to address association business. There may also be a need for additional special meetings to discuss critical, time-sensitive items on occasion.


Each board member serves on a quarterly rotation of various subcommittees, and these committees meet as needed. Committees of the board are further detailed in Section 3.3.4 of the Community Guidelines.


What time commitments will I be making


I'm interested, what do I

do now

It is important to know and understand that by accepting a board position, you are accepting a real, legally binding responsibility for which there may be consequences for actions taken by the board either as a group or individually. There is no doubt it is a challenging role but knowing the impact you are making on our community is worth it!


If you think you would welcome such a challenge, please complete the Call for Candidates form, found here


Upon submission of the signed form, you'll need to include:

• Election statement (of 350 words or less on a separate sheet of paper) about yourself and why the community will benefit from your service on the board. Suggestions for information to include: Information about your family, your experience, board and committee work, and what you would like to accomplish as a board member.

• Candidate photo


The completed form, election statement, and candidate photo are due no later than December 13, 2023, please send to If you have any questions about the Annual Meeting or election, please reach out to the Election Committee Chair Barbara Ball at 703-670-4381 or the General Manager Steven Levin at 703-670-6187.

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