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October 5th - 6th | Resident Homes

Community Yard Sale

Community Yard Sale
Community Yard Sale
Multiple Dates


Our community yard sale is a fantastic opportunity to declutter your space, make some extra cash, and connect with your neighbors. Whether you're looking to sell furniture, clothing, books, or knick-knacks, there's always someone out there who will appreciate and cherish your items. Use the form below to add yourself to our map of participants!


Whether you're on the hunt for something specific or just looking around, our community yard sale is an excellent way to meet new people and get your hands on some fun finds. Join us at and be part of this wonderful exchange of goods and stories. Who knows, you might even find a hidden gem among your neighbors' treasures!

This event is for

Residents Only

Please note that you must be a resident of Montclair to sign up for this event. We will not be advertising any yard sales outside of our community.

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