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Covenants Inspections

Introduction To Inspections

Homes located in Montclair are subject to the MPOA Articles of Incorporation, Declaration and Bylaws, and Community Guidelines. These documents, known collectively as the community's governing documents, outline how the community is run. Upon purchasing a home in Montclair, owners agree to abide by these documents and the rules set forth within them. Residents are encouraged to read through these items and retain a copy for future reference.


The Covenants Department of the MPOA office is tasked with ensuring compliance to the community standards. Inspections are performed throughout the year, and any homes found to be in violation are issued a Notice of Non-Compliance. For more information on architectural guidelines and the violation process, consult Community Guidelines Article 5.

Annual Inspections

The Covenants Department performs Annual Inspections beginning in March and continuing through the fall. These inspections are key to maintaining property values and keeping Montclair a pleasant and beautiful neighborhood for all to enjoy.  While on property, Covenants Inspectors can be identified by MPOA shirts/jackets, badges and car magnets on their cars. Most common compliance issues with the community guidelines can be addressed prior to Annual Inspections to prevent receiving a Notice of Non-Compliance, including:


  • Clean mold, dirt or other discoloration from siding, gutters, decks, foundations, and other surfaces of the home.

  • Inspect all wood trim, including windows, doors, and roofline, for discoloration or rot.

  • Remove trash and recycling containers from public view, except on designated trash days.

  • Prune overgrown landscaping and cut grass regularly.

  • Store items on the property in a neat and orderly fashion.

  • Ensure that house numbers are affixed to both the mailbox and the home.


If you would like to check your precinct listing, you may access it here

Disclosure Inspections

Disclosure (or resale) inspections are performed when homes are being processed for sale. The entire outside of the home is inspected, and any violations are noted on the Disclosure Package provided by FirstService Residential. 

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