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Recreation Passes

Unrestricted Recreation Passes

Residents holding an unrestricted recreation pass are permitted guests and do not require supervision when visiting any facilities or attending events.

Guest Policy

Unrestricted recreation passholders are permitted four guests per ID, except during community events, at which two guests per ID are permitted. Guests are the responsibility of the resident with which they are visiting.

Additional Guests

Members may sponsor additional guests at Montclair Recreational Facilities on an occasional basis in the event that the number of the member's personal guests exceeds the standard guest policy above, but may not exceed 10 total guests per household. Owners requesting additional guests must complete and submit an MPOA Guest Pass Authorization Form to the MPOA office for approval.

Obtaining Recreation Passes

Step 1: Create Your Account

Visit: to complete an “Initial Add Request” with contact info for a primary residing Homeowner/Renter. This will be the name/address you will give at check-ins. Allow 3 business days for the approval/rejection process.

Step 2: Enter Household Information

  • Once accepted, return to the same page to sign in with your contact info and REQUEST A PIN.

  • Enter any additional household members who reside at the address of the account.

  • Upload a clear, recent, close-up photo for each requested household member by clicking the camera button next to their name.

Video Tutorial

Watch the video below to learn how to register with CellBadge!


For help setting up your account or additional details, contact:

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