Recreation photo IDs are required by residents using the community's facilities (beaches, playgrounds, etc.) and attending community events. 
Unrestricted Photo IDs - Residents 12+
Unrestricted recreation photo IDs are issued to residents age 12 and older. Residents holding an unrestricted photo ID are permitted guests and do not require supervision when visiting any facilities or attending events.
Restricted Photo IDs - Residents 11 and Younger
Restricted recreation photo IDs are issued to residents age 11 and younger. These IDs are optional, and residents age 11 and younger are not required to carry an ID when accompanying an unrestricted recreation photo ID holder to facilities and community events. Restricted photo IDs are helpful for children with caretakers who live outside of Montclair (see Guest Policy below). Restricted photo ID holders must be accompanied by a person age 16 and older when visiting facilities or attending events, except those age 9 to 11 visiting Kids' Dominion.
Guest Policy
Unrestricted recreation photo IDs are permitted four guests per ID, except during community events, at which two guests per ID are permitted. Restricted photo IDs are permitted one guest per ID age 16 or older acting as their caretaker. Guests are the responsibility of the resident with which they are visiting.
Residents can obtain recreation photo IDs by visiting the MPOA office. The following items must be presented at the time of the request to permit issuance of recreation photo IDs:
  • Recreation Photo ID Application (only homeowners or leaseholders are permitted to fill out the form. All residents whose names are not listed on the house or the lease must present the signed form at the office with their names listed below.)
  • Identification for each person 18 years of age or older applying for a photo ID, showing name and current Montclair address
  • Tenants: Current lease or utility bill for the Montclair address
  • Non-resident homeowners who have tenants may not have Recreation Photo IDs if their tenants do. If homeowners wish to allow their tenants to have an updated pass, they must sign the RPID form stating that they (the homeowner) have relinquished their rights obtain RPIDs and have assigned those rights to their tenants.
  • Please ensure that you bring in any physical RPIDs you wish to update to the office.