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Lake Montclair

Introduction To Lake Montclair

Lake Montclair is a unique feature of the community, and is a great outlet for those who enjoy the outdoors. The lake was created by damming the waters of Powell's Creek. The earthen dam, located at Dolphin Beach, helps maintain the water level of the lake. During instances of inclement weather or for maintenance purposes, a sluice gate is opened to release water from the lake into Powell's Creek.


Designated swim areas are located at Beaver Landing Beach, Dolphin Beach, and West Beach within the roped off areas. These areas are monitored by lifeguards during the beach season, Memorial Day through Labor Day. Swimming outside of the designated areas, or while lifeguards are not on duty, is at the sole risk of the swimmer. There is no diving permitted anywhere on the lake.


Boats operating on Lake Montclair must be registered with the MPOA office and display current registration stickers on the port side of the bow. No gas-engine powered boats are permitted on the lake. Electric motors may have a total horsepower of no more than 195 pounds of thrust, or 3.5 horsepower. For the safety of swimmers, boats should avoid the designated swim areas. Storage for self-propelled boats such as canoes and kayaks is available at West Beach for a fee of $25, renewed annually in October. There are no reserved spaces and storage is dependent on availability. 


Fishing is permitted from boats, community docks, and on the shoreline. For the safety of swimmers, avoid fishing in or around the designated swim areas. Triploid carp are a protected species in the lake. These carp act as a biological control against hydrilla, and should not be hunted, killed, or removed from the lake.

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