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Are you looking to make a difference in your community? Montclair Property Owners Association looks to its members to provide ideas, creative solutions, and general support to the Board of Directors. MPOA is comprised of several committees, including:
Budget & Finance
The Budget & Finance Committee is tasked with the development of a budget for approval of the Board of Directors to ensure that sufficient funds are available to meet the bonafide requirements for a one year operating cycle and also provide funds for a contribution to reserves.
The Communications Committee provides creative and technical methods to enhance all avenues of communications between the Board of Directors and Members of the Association, as well as suggesting methods of facilitating information flow from sources outside of the Montclair community.
Community Events
The Community Events Committee improves the quality of life in Montclair through enhanced community spirit, conducts annual community recreational activities that provide family fun and bring the community together, and seek out additional opportunities to provide activities and facilities for the enjoyment of the residents of Montclair.
The Covenants Committee reviews Property Improvement Requests and assures that properties are maintained in a manner providing for visual harmony and soundness of repair, avoiding activities deleterious to the aesthetic or property values of the property, and promoting the general welfare and safety of the owners, their guests, and other invitees.

Dog Park
Established to draft and present design and development plans to the Board of Directors for the addition of a dog park as a capital improvement project. 


The Election Committee recommends administrative deadlines to the Board of Directors and develops and administers procedures as approved by the Board of Directors on policies and rules for the validation of proxies, registration of voters, and casting and tallying of all votes.
Lake Management
The Lake Management Committee assures that the quality of the lake and its environment are maintained by overseeing and managing water quality, lake ecology, fishery, lake dredging, and dam maintenance.
Landscape & Facilities Management
The Landscape & Facilities Management Committee provides recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding the enhancement, maintenance, and upkeep of all common area land and facilities for which MPOA is accountable and responsible.
Montclair Triathlon
The Montclair Triathlon Committee conducts an annual triathlon that provides family fun and brings the community together while raising funds for MPOA by conducting a zero-cost event.


Records & Information Management Ad Hoc Committee

The RIM Team was established to develop a uniform system for record retention. 

The Safety Committee assists in developing and implementing practices that make the community safer and supports programs that promote safety for Association members.

Signage Ad Hoc
The Signage Ad Hoc Committee has been tasked with researching, discussing, and developing a plan to secure professional design options to replace current Montclair signs. 
If you would like to become a member of a committee, we welcome you to attend the next meeting. Please bring the completed Committee Volunteer Form, available here, with you to the meeting.

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