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The Lake Management Committee assures that the quality of the lake and its environment are maintained by overseeing and managing water quality, lake ecology, fishery, lake dredging, dam maintenance, and common areas abutting Lake Montclair.

Chairperson: Austin Carroll
Board Liaison: Buck Arvin
Staff Liaison: Adam Werle

James Greenwood

Desiree Morehead

Bill Warner

Sheryl Kaiser

Jesse Kirk

Mike Czapiewski


The Lake Management Committee meets monthly on the third Monday, 7:00 p.m. Check the calendar for details.
Lake Management Committee Charter
Located on page 3-20
Based on recommendations from the Virginia Department Game and Inland Fisheries, the LMC led an effort to place fish habitat in the lake. 78 Wooden Pallet Fish Habitats were constructed by Boy Scouts and Volunteers and were placed in the Lake and Geo-located (Lat/Long/Depth). 22 Spider Block Fish Habitats were constructed by Girl Scouts and Volunteers. These were all placed in the lake and Geo-located (Lat/Long/Depth). 20 other assorted habitats (cinder blocks, rock piles, submerged brush pies, etc.) were placed or identified in the Lake and Geo-located (Lat/Long/Depth). This all occurred between 18 July and 19 November of 2018, with over 280 volunteer man hours. The lake returned to normal pool in Sep 2018 and the fish population appeared to be healthy - many big bass - but few small ones being caught. The next project will be the stocking of 1,500 pounds of forage fish (fathead & golden shiner minnows) when funds allow. Another project will be to make and place an additional 25 Spider Blocks in our lake in spring of 2019.
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