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August 10th |10AM - 2PM | Dolphin Beach

Montclair Field Day

Montclair Field Day
Montclair Field Day

A Challenge in Two Halves

Get ready to compete in our first annual Montclair Field Day! It will be a day filled with fun games to test your brain and body! From the classic Potato Sack Race to a Rubik’s Challenge, there’s something for everyone to try.

Challenges will take place in two halves with a 15-minute break in between. A final bracket-style challenge and an awards ceremony will follow. Below are the challenges and the timeframe you may compete in them.

First Half (10:30 - 11:45am): Bocce Ball Relay, Rubik's Cube Challenge, Hopper Ball Race, Potato Sack Race, 3-Legged Race, and Tricycle Race.

Second Half (12 - 1:15pm): Tipsy Waiter, Cup Stacking, Beach Ball Relay, Egg and Spoon Race, and Tricycle Race.

Final Challenge (1:15 - 1:45pm): Tug of War

Potato Sack Race

Each team selects two players. The first player will place both of their legs inside a sack that reaches their waist and hop to the finish line and back before swapping with the second player. Fastest time wins!

Bocce Ball Relay

Team members get one attempt per turn to roll their ball into the hoop. If the ball rolls out, they must fetch it and return it to their next teammate. Fastest team to get all their balls in the hoop wins!

3-Legged Race

Each team selects two players to have their legs tied together. Participants will then line up and race to the finish line. Fastest time wins!

Tipsy Waiter

Each team selects any number of players. The first player will be spun a select number of times, then pick up a tray of water glasses. They then make their way to the finish line and dump any water that they haven't spilled into their team's bucket. The process repeats with each team member until the bucket is filled. Whichever team fills their bucket fastest wins!

Beach Ball Relay

Each team selects two players. Participants must place the beach ball between them and hold it while moving towards the finish line. When the ball is dropped, they must retrieve it and continue from where they first dropped it. Fastest time wins!

Tug of War

Competing teams will select an equal number of players. On 'GO' participants will pull the rope until the flag in the center passes a marked area. The top eight teams will participate in a bracket-style competition until one comes out victorious.

Rubik's Cube Challenge

Each team designates as many players as they would like. Participants will stand behind the starting line and run down to the play area, one at a time, to make one move on the play field before returning to tag in their next teammate. Fastest team to place each matching color into vertical lines wins!

Hopper Ball Race

Each team selects two players. Participants stand behind their team’s line and race with their hopper balls down to the end of the line, turn around and come back to swap with their teammate. Fastest time wins!

Tricycle Race

Each team picks one player to race through the cone track to the finish line. Fastest time wins!

Cup Stacking

Each team selects two players. On ‘GO’ the teams must race to stack their cups up and then take them back down again until all team members have stacked and collapsed their cups. Fastest time wins!


Egg and Spoon Race

Each team selects two players. The first player lines up behind the start time and move as quickly as possible, without dropping their egg, to the other end before returning to tag in their teammate. Fastest time wins!

Build Your Teams!

Click the button below to build your team! The sign-up is restricted to four team members but worry not! If you would like to create a team larger than four, contact Have a team smaller than 4? Pair up with other teams on the sign-up form or allow us to pair you on the day of the event.

Participation and Registration

Participation in all challenges is not necessary for those not interested in being crowned champion. Feel free to participate in whichever challenges intrigue your team! Registration for individual events or the full gauntlet will be available from 10-10:30am on the day of the event.

How To Win

There will be medals for each individual event. Teams with the fastest times for each challenge will receive a medal. The top 8 teams who participated in the full gauntlet will have the opportunity to participate in in the final bracket-style challenge. Your team must participate in the full gauntlet (every challenge) in order to be eligible for the final challenge. The winning team of the final challenge will be crowned champion and will receive a trophy.

Help us keep score!

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This event is for

Residents Only

Please note that a valid recreation pass is required to attend this event. Limit two guests per pass. To learn more about recreation passes, click the link below.

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