Canceled for 2020

Community events are for residents only, and all residents must present a 2020 Recreation Photo ID to enter events. Limit 2 guests per ID on event days. Click here for more information on Recreation Photo IDs. 


Volunteers needed! The event can't happen without you!  Unfilled spots may result in cancellation of games and activities or early closure of food stands. Volunteers will receive swag bags! Including but are not limited to Montclair Day t-shirt, meal voucher, and water. There may be other goodies, so sign up and find out!

Parking - Bus Routes/Bike Parking

Don’t go tooling around for a parking spot, we are providing transportation to and from Dolphin Beach for all major festivals! Check out the info below! The bus will only stop at designated bus stops for safety purposes. If there is no one at the stop, the bus will continue onto the next. There are 2 designated stops for first come, first served bike parking - near the Dolphin Beach Dam entrance and the entrance to Spillway Lane. It will be labeled, so keep an eye out!

Schedule of Events/Ticket Pricing

Bring cash and card to be able to participate in all of these fun activities! 

Anyone 21+ MUST have a valid government-issued ID - You will be carded no matter your age!

1 ticket = $0.50 

Activity Ticket Pricing 

Yoga on the Beach - Free for all

Henna/Face Painting - 6 tickets per activity

Craft - 2 tickets per craft

Games: 1 ticket per game

All Day Bounce Pass - $5

Water Slide - 4 tickets per ride

21+ Games: 6 tickets per game

Food Ticket Pricing

French Fries: 4 tickets

Hot Dogs: 6 tickets

Burgers:  6 tickets

Combo (hot dog or burger + French fries): 8 tickets 

Canned Sodas: 3 tickets

Water: 2 tickets

Juice: 2 tickets

Chips: 2 tickets

Candy: 2 tickets (Small candy: 1 ticket)

Beer/Wine: 7 tickets (4 tickets during happy hour 5-6pm)



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