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Boat and Dock/Shoreline Improvement Registration

Starting October 1, the MPOA will begin accepting applications for boat registration and dock and shoreline improvement permits. Forms for boat registration are available here and forms for dock permit and shoreline improvement registration may be located here. Please contact the MPOA at (703) 670-6187 with any questions.

Boat Registration

All residents who own a boat must register it with the MPOA in order to use it on Lake Montclair. Boats that are stored at home may be registered with no charge. Any resident who desires to keep their boat at West Beach must pay a $25 renewal fee per boat annually. Renewal is due by Tuesday, October 31. All boats stored at West Beach that are not registered by November 10 will be subjected to a late fee of $15 and may be put up for auction in March.

Dock Permit Registration

Lakefront owners with a dock or shoreline improvement are required to renew their dock and shoreline permit registration annually. Please be aware that there is a new development this year. All owners who have additions to their shoreline (including, but not limited to, pump houses, boat racks and stairs) are required to fill out a permit and follow the same protocol as dock owners traditionally have. The initial application and annual renewal fee is $5. There will be a $200 late fee assessed unless the owner provides proof by November 10 that general liability insurance coverage was in effect as of November 1, 2017. Owners of docks and shoreline improvements are required to provide MPOA with proof of valid general liability insurance coverage of no less than one million dollars ($1,000,000) and must list the MPOA as a certificate holder or as additional insured when available through the insurance carrier. Owners with insurance carriers providing the necessary coverage but unable to have MPOA listed as a certificate holder or additional insured will be required to provide MPOA a copy of a letter signed by the insurance provider addressed to the owner indicating that coverage is in place for a current annual period and that the insurance provider will provide MPOA with a notice of any change to or cancellation or renewal of the policy. Renewals must be submitted by October 31.

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