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Leaf Reminder

Now that the Autumn leaves are falling, we understand that the removal of them can be a daunting task, but also a very important one. The MPOA Amended Declaration, Article 6, Section (f), states in part that, “No Owner shall place or cause or permit anything to be placed on or in any of the Common Area without the approval of the Board.”

We are asking that any yard debris (grass clippings, etc.) and fallen leaves be properly collected and disposed of and not placed on MPOA Common Area. American Disposal will collect bagged yard debris and leaves weekly on Monday and Thursday, which are trash collection days. If you have engaged a contractor to perform yard maintenance or leaf removal services for you, please ensure that they are aware of and comply with the MPOA rules.

Please also note that Prince William County considers leaves illicit discharge. Under no circumstances should leaves be disposed down storm drains, as this violates county ordinance and may clog the system. The result of these actions includes localized flooding and inhibited storm water removal, which could have a negative impact on our lake.

Thank you for helping to maintain the integrity and beauty of the Montclair we all know and love!

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