Video Recordings of Meetings Available for Viewing on FSR Resident Portal

Those who are interested may now find video recordings of Board and other special meetings from February 2019-April 2019 available through their resident portal ( On the left side of your profile, navigate to “Forms & Documents” < “View All” < “Board Reports.” Videos can be found among other Board documents here, labeled as “Meeting Recording [Date].” Members will need to visit the link provided and enter the password (both located under each recording header) to view videos. Please note: all recordings are unedited, including sound and picture; recordings are intended to be viewed by Association Members only and will be deleted 30 days after upload

Lake Update

On April 23rd, the MPOA Management Staff notified the Montclair Community of the need to lower the lake in order to repair the damaged trash racks located within the primary spillway riser. The trash racks are used to prevent debris from entering the riser and potentially clogging the spillway. These trash racks were likely damaged by a large piece of debris hitting the racks when the spillway was operating at maximum capacity. The trash racks were repaired last year when the lake was lowered for the spillway project, but because the trash racks failed, it appears that the work was done incorrectly. On April 26th, the sluice gate was scheduled to be opened and the lake lowered to 12 inches b

Annual Precinct Inspections (Apr. 29-May 3)

The streets to be inspected April 29th – May 3rd are as follows: • Alexander • Henderson • Marshlake • Barnicle • Lansdale • Seal • Viewpoint • London • Widewater • Montview • Backwater • Saltwater If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the MPOA Covenants department at 703-670-6187.

Earth Day and Fishing Tournament – Updates and Requests

Thank you to everyone who volunteered and participated for Earth Day and the Fishing Tournament on April 20th! There were roughly 20 more volunteers for this year than last year, and a total of 20 trash bags and 5 recycling bags collected – not to mention over 50 bags worth of invasive plants! Thank you for helping improve your community. Select photos will be in the next issue of The Montclairion and posted on Facebook. If you took home any gloves or yellow vests by accident, please return them to the MPOA office as soon as possible.

Upcoming Lake Lowering

Recently, the trash racks located within the spillway riser were damaged. New racks have been constructed and are scheduled to be installed Saturday, April 27th. The installation process will require the lake to be lowered approximately 12 inches below normal pool. The lake will be allowed to rise to normal pool once the necessary repairs are completed. The repairs are expected to be completed Saturday evening, pending no unforeseeable issues during installation. These racks are one of several safety measures that are in place on the dam, therefore it is necessary to make these repairs right away. The sluice gate will be opened Friday afternoon, April 26th, and closed Saturday morning, April


Boat Auction #1: $25.50 Boat Auction #2: $81.51 Boat Auction #3: $105.00 Boat Auction #6: $257.00 Boat Auction #8: $100.00 Boat Auction #16: $255.00

Annual Precinct Inspections (April 22-26)

The streets to be inspected April 22-26th are as follows: Bridgeport Maple Glen Millspring Oak Crest Sugar Maple Avon Cliffbrook Beaver Dam Melody If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the MPOA Covenants department at 703-670-6187.


Considering the current forecast from the Nation Weather Service issuing a Flash Flood Watch and Severe Weather Alert for the immediate area, MPOA has taken preemptive actions to mitigate risks and prepare for potentially hazardous conditions, especially those contributing to storm surges, by lowering the lake to the level as directed by the MPOA Board President (up to 3’). The sluice gate may remain open during the storm to allow additional rainfall to flow through the dam. MPOA assures continuous site access and has procedures that provide surveillance and monitoring to enable timely response. Access to the site in all weather conditions has been preplanned by the staff gauge observer and


Attention Montclair Residents Please see below notice from American Disposal: Due to circumstances beyond our control stemming from a field staffing shortage and mechanical issues, the scheduled RECYCLING for today, Monday, April 15th, 2019 in the areas and surrounding streets of Northgate Dr, Cliffview Dr, and Silvan Glen Dr have been delayed until tomorrow, Tuesday, April 16th, 2019. Please leave items out for collection. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Town Hall Meeting

The Board of Directors will be hosting a Town Hall meeting in the MPOA conference room on Thursday May 30, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. to provide information and solicit feedback from the Membership regarding the approved FY2020 plan to locate a dog park behind the MPOA Building. If you have concerns or questions regarding the proposed dog park, please plan on attending this informative session.

Landscaping Notice

Starting today, Brightview the Association’s landscaping contractor will be applying a Pre-Emergent Weed Control and a Post Emergent Weed Control to the turf area of the POA. The Dam is scheduled for next week. Chemicals are as follows: Dimesion 2EW TruPower – 3 These weed control emergent will assist with terminating the existing broadleaf weeds and prevent broadleaf and grassy weeds within the turf. Safety precautions and other notes below: Please do not enter any turf areas today that have signs posted. Adults/Children/Pets Signs will be placed throughout the area to warn residents of chemicals. IF you enter any marked areas, please rinse off affected items thoroughly for 2 minutes. The p

Annual Precinct Inspections (Week of 4/15)

The streets to be inspected April 15-19 are as follows: Vista Buck Singletree Lazy Day Dalebrook Dickerson Benson Crocus Port Washington Winding Creek Sanibel Buena Vista Ebb Tide Lands End If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the MPOA Covenants department at 703-670-6187.

Montclair Day Volunteers Needed

Join us June 8 at 3:00pm for the grooviest celebration in the history of Montclair. To volunteer, please visit A specially-arranged (handicap accessible) shuttle service to and from Dolphin Beach will be provided from 3:00pm-8:30pm on a continuous rotation for those with an updated 2019 Recreation ID; route information coming soon. For more information, visit or email Kat at

Covenants Inspections (Week of 4/8)

The streets to be inspected April 8th-April 12th are as follows: • Spring Branch • Sugar Bush • Willow Oak • Wood Glen • Live Oak • Peppermill • Silvan Glen • Autumn • Southwood • Loganberry • Beachland If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the MPOA Covenants department at 703-670-6187. *Completed Inspections (as of April 5): Breeze Way Windward Trisail Catamaran Skiff Outlook Edgewood Prestwick Deer Park Kings Valley Hidden Valley Sunny Knoll Golf Club Dr Rhame Dr Ridgecrest Dr Ridgewood Ct Groveside Ct ​

Extended Hours Beginning Wednesday, April 3

The MPOA office will be extending its hours from 8:30 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. every Wednesday, beginning this Wednesday, April 3, effective through October 31. The MPOA administrative staff will be available during this time to assist with administrative requests only (i.e. payments, Recreation Photo IDs, forms, etc.). For further questions, please call the MPOA office at (703) 670-6187.

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