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Considering the current forecast from the Nation Weather Service issuing a Flash Flood Watch and Severe Weather Alert for the immediate area, MPOA has taken preemptive actions to mitigate risks and prepare for potentially hazardous conditions, especially those contributing to storm surges, by lowering the lake to the level as directed by the MPOA Board President (up to 3’). The sluice gate may remain open during the storm to allow additional rainfall to flow through the dam. MPOA assures continuous site access and has procedures that provide surveillance and monitoring to enable timely response. Access to the site in all weather conditions has been preplanned by the staff gauge observer and alternate observer to ensure the performance of associated duties. MPOA staff will follow notification flow charts for notification and warning of all appropriate members, personnel, and agencies. This action is in accordance with the current Lake Montclair Emergency Action Plan. Please contact MPOA Operations Manager Phillip Webber (703) 670-6187 / with questions or concerns regarding this action.

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