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Annual Lake Lowering Notification – November 27

On Monday, November 27, the water level of Lake Montclair will be temporarily lowered by three feet to allow for maintenance of the downpipe structure gates and sluice gate. All community beaches and common property in the surrounding area will receive a thorough cleaning. In addition, sand on the beaches and swim area will be replenished as needed.

The lake will be maintained at the adjusted level for two weeks. After the required work has been completed, the sluice gates will be closed and water levels will naturally return to regular levels (188 feet above mean sea level). Precipitation and the flow of Powell’s Creek will determine how long it will take for water levels to return to normal.

Lakefront property owners are encouraged to take any necessary actions to protect their property while this procedure takes place. This includes, but is not limited to, adjusting pontoon retaining lines and properly securing or removing boats, canoes and kayaks.

Lakefront owners are also welcomed to make any repairs to docks or shoreline improvements, place rip rap, clean the exposed lake bottom along the shoreline, and perform other waterfront improvements. These efforts contribute significantly to the health and appearance of Lake Montclair.

Please note if you plan to make any changes to your dock or shorelines, you will first need to fill out a Property Improvement Request (PIR) and follow standard procedure. Full details can be found in Community Guidelines Article 5, found here. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the MPOA at (703) 670-6187.

Please also note that the above mentioned procedure is routine maintenance and is in no way connected with the Spillway Project.

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