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Snow Clearing Notification

Please be aware that there is a potential for snow in the forecast tomorrow. In the event of inclement weather, it is important to use caution and to familiarize yourself with Montclair’s snow clearing Policy, found here. All streets maintained by the MPOA in a snow event are listed below,

  • Andrews Place

  • Butler Place

  • Duncan Place

  • Maybury Place

  • Eyebrows, Northgate Drive

  • Barger Place

  • Chapman Place

  • Fawn Place

  • Myrtle Place

  • Eyesbrows, Waterway Drive

  • Beacon Hill Place

  • Corwin Place

  • Greenfield Place

  • Nightingale Place

  • Bishop Place

  • Devonald Place

  • Harmony Place

  • Pleasant Hill Place

Any street that is not mentioned in this list is treated by a sub-association or the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT). If you are unsure if your house is located in a sub-association, click here to check.

Please contact the MPOA at (703) 670-6187 with any questions about our snow clearing policy. For any other snow related questions, please reach out to VDOT at (703) 383-8368. Thank you and stay safe!

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