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Don’t forget, update your Recreation Photo ID’s!

We want all of our Montclair residents to be able to enjoy the many amenities that our community has to offer, especially our wonderful parks and beaches. To make sure that you can, please don’t forget to stop by the MPOA office to pick up your 2017 Recreation Photo ID Renewal Sticker. 2016 stickers expired at the end of April, so you will need your renewal for the upcoming summer beach season. Here are a few things residents should remember before heading up to the office,

  • Remember, only homeowners and leaseholders will be able to fill out the Recreation Photo ID form (located here or at the office).

  • Residents who live in the house must either accompany the homeowner or leaseholder, or must bring a completed form to the office with the homeowner’s or leaseholder’s signature and all the residents’ names listed below.

  • Residents who are over eighteen must bring a driver’s license and/or a piece of mail along with a photo ID that verifies they live in Montclair.

  • Tenants must bring a copy of their lease or a utility bill along with a photo ID to prove that they still live at the house.

  • Residents who are new to Montclair may not have all of their information recorded in our database. If you are new to our community, make sure that you bring proper identification, just in case (a HUD-1 with a photo ID will suffice)

We look forward to another great season with you!

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