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Important Notice Regarding Lake Montclair

Dear Montclair Residents,

We continue to see evidence of people entering the beaches and walking on the exposed lake bottom. This gives us great concern about the safety of those who are doing so. We appreciate the willingness to clean up the trash and other debris that is now exposed in some areas, but we must again insist that you resist the temptation to enter these areas for your own safety. We are currently considering putting a small group of staff and volunteers together to clean up the shoreline of common areas at some point during the project if conditions are found to be safe enough to do so. When and if conditions allow for such a group to be developed, a communication will be issued.

It is not a matter of if someone is going to get hurt, it is a matter of when. Again, not only are you putting yourself at risk for significant injury, you are putting at risk those who will have to come rescue you when it happens. The closer you get to the water, the thicker and deeper the mud, and the more dangerous it becomes.

We know everyone is curious. There are parts of the lake that haven’t been exposed in decades that people want to explore. We have engaged a local photographer to document this project with pictures and video using a drone. There has been a Facebook page set up for his pictures and videos called “Lake Montclair Spillway Alteration Project”. Please visit this page to view the pictures and videos rather than walking out on the lake bottom or going to the beaches.

Dolphin Beach is now an active construction zone and should be avoided. Dolphin and the other beaches are being monitored by the Prince William County Police who will issue trespassing tickets to anyone found in these restricted areas.

We appreciate and thank you for your continued patience and cooperation.

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