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2020-2021 Snow Removal Plan

Montclair POA

Snow Clearing Policy 2020-2021

VDOT Streets:

Publicly maintained streets are cleared for snow by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), and VDOT has its own method of prioritizing for clearing operations. VDOT can be reached at (703) 383-8368 or

MPOA Owned Streets:

The Montclair owned streets and property to be cleared by the maintenance staff are as follows:

1. The MPOA office parking lot and walkways.

2. MPOA - owned streets: Andrews Pl., Barger Pl., Beacon Hill Pl., Bishop Pl., Butler Pl., Chapman Pl., Corwin Pl., Devonald Pl., Duncan Pl., Fawn Pl., Greenfield Pl., Harmony Pl., Maybury Pl., Myrtle Pl., Nightengale Pl., Pleasant Hill Pl., and the eyebrows on Northgate Dr. and Waterway Dr.

Sub-Association Streets:

Sub-Association streets will be plowed provided they have entered into a written agreement with MPOA in accordance with Article 5.7 of the Amended Declaration.

Sub-Associations Snow Plow MOU:

Island Homeowners Association streetsKeswick Ct; Royal Crescent Ct; Timber Ridge Dr.

Water’s Edge Townhome Association streetsBeachwater Ct.; Inlet Pl.; Spring Branch Blvd.; Streamside Ct.; Waters Edge Ct.

Sub-Associations NOT entered into the MOU(and responsible for sub-association plowing) & Contacts:

Alexander Square Homeowners

Streets: Alexander Pl. & Henderson Ln.

Northside Townhome

Streets: Brideport Dr; Maple Glen Ct; Mill Spring Dr; Oak Crest Ct & Sugar Maple Ln

Nob Hill Forest Townhome

Streets: Cliffview Dr; Jonathan Ct; Kenton Cir; Vals Way; Whisperwood Ct & Windsong Ln

Southlake Cove Townhome Association

Streets: Barnacle Pl; Beachland Way; Buena Vista Dr; Ebb Tide Ct; Lands End Ct; Landsdale Pl; London Pl; Marshlake Ln; Port Washngton Ct; Sanibel Ct; Seal Pl; Viewpoint Cir & Winding Creek Dr.

Southlake Landing Townhome

Streets: Backwater Ct; Montview Dr; Saltwater Dr & Widewater Dr.

Southlake Recreation


Snow clearing of sidewalks shall commence when and only when precipitation has stopped and in order as follows.

1. MPOA office sidewalks and steps;

2. Waterway Drive, both sides, from Spring Branch Blvd. to Cliffview/Ridgecrest;

3. Waterway Drive, both sides, from Cliffview/Ridgecrest to Ashgrove Dr.;

4. Waterway Drive, both sides, from Ashgrove Dr. to Southlake Blvd.;

5. Waterway Drive, one side, from Southlake Blvd. to Olivia Way

6. Both sides of Southlake Blvd. from Waterway Drive to Buena Vista Drive;

7. Forest Park High School foot path from street (Olivia Way) to the fence/school property line;

Sidewalks which provide Montclair students with access to school will be given priority.

Snow Plowing Policy:

MPOA on-site maintenance personnel will commence plowing operations when snow accumulation reaches a depth of two inches (2”). Snow clearing of all MPOA-owned streets and sub-association streets shall always be completed with the following conditions being adhered to:

1. Clear snow from driving lanes of streets;

2. NO cleaning of individual parking spaces within sub-association parking lots;

3. NO piling of snow in front of or blocking access to:









The application of sand to any street shall commence only when plowing operations are completed or as directed by the Operations Manager and on an as needed basis.

Individual Lots:

The individual private property of a Montclair resident may not be cleared of snow under any circumstances by employees of the Managing Agent (FirstService Residential). Managing Agent employees are prohibited from entering any lot for the purpose of snow removal. With the exception of the parking area of the Southlake Recreation Association when an agreement is in effect, the MPOA is not responsible for clearing the parking bays of any townhome community, any commercial property located in Montclair, any property owned by the Montclair Country Club, or any property owned by a developer or builder, or any civic lot number as defined by the Deed of Dedication or any VDOT roads.

Snow Removal Plan 2020-2021
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