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Lake Lowering - 8/31/21

Dear Owners: Due to the approaching storm from the effects of Hurricane Ida, the water levels of Lake Montclair will be lowered by roughly 18 inches beginning Tuesday morning until Wednesday morning. The maintenance team will monitor the water levels every two hours. If warranted, the sluice gate may need to remain open during the storm to allow additional rainfall to flow through the dam in order to try and maintain the appropriate lake level. The weather and lake level will be monitored throughout the day and night to make adjustments as needed, potentially lowering the lake further or closing the valve before 18 inches is reached. Lakefront property owners are urged to take immediate action to protect and secure their property prior to the hurricane making landfall. This includes, but is not limited to, adjusting pontoon retaining lines and properly secure or removing watercraft. After the storm has departed the sluice gates will be closed and the lake will naturally return to its regular level. Precipitation and the flow of Powell’s Creek will determine how long it takes for the water levels to return to normal.


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