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Lake Montclair - Algae Update

Montclair Lake Update

Signs of cyanobacteria-type algae are still visible in the lake. At this time, we are advising residents of Montclair to review the attached document from the CDC and to follow the advice noted.

Accordingly, we are recommending the community refrain from swimming or allowing pets to enter or drink water from the lake. There is naturally more risk with greater exposure by skin contact or ingestion of water.

Algae blooms typically occur due to:

  • Runoff of nitrogen and phosphorus into the lake

  • Water temperatures greater than 77 degrees

8.31.21 Algae and Dissolved Oxygen
Download PDF • 605KB

Follow up water testing has been ordered. Once the next round of tests is completed and results received and reviewed, we will send the results. Attached you will find the results from the testing done on August 31, 2021 along with an information sheet from the CDC website.

CDC - information regarding Cyanobacteria
Download PDF • 3.32MB

Please keep in mind the unpredictable influences on water conditions of the lake, including but not limited to rain, fertilizer, organic deposits, and air temperature.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

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