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Snow Plowing Update – January 3, 2022

Snow Plowing Delays Please be advised that the MPOA Maintenance Team is on site and diligently trying to get the streets cleared in accordance with the responsibilities outlined in the 2021-2022 Snow Removal Policy.

We have been advised that VDOT has not been in the community to plow the main streets due to downed trees in many areas. If you live on a street that is maintained by VDOT, and hasn’t been plowed or has downed trees, please call 703-383-8368.

Please continue to stay off the roads as we continue our efforts through-out the community. If you are not sure if your street is maintained by VDOT or MPOA, please see the Snow Removal Policy.

Snow Removal Plan 2021-2022
Download PDF • 49KB

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