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*Update* Snow Plowing

Snow Plowing – Extended Delays Our maintenance team had been onsite since 6:30 a.m. working to clear the snow but ran into several issues. In the course of plowing, dozens of trees throughout the neighborhood have come down including several on Waterway Drive blocking the road and several sections of the neighborhood.

These conditions have impeded our ability to plow the private streets and sidewalks maintained by MPOA. We have reported several downed trees to VDOT and encourage residents to report issues on VDOT maintained roads to them directly at (703) 383-8368 or

Brightview is standing by ready to assist in removing downed trees on MPOA maintained roads, but we cannot begin to do that until we can access those sections for a complete assessment. Please report all downed trees on these roads to maintenance by sending an e-mail to If you live in a sub association, please contact the community manager for your association for assistance on removing downed trees in the road.

VDOT is expected to be in the neighborhood later this evening or very early tomorrow morning. Please continue to monitor their website for more information and to report activity. The more reports submitted through their website, the more likely they will move Montclair up their priority list.

Please stay safe and off the roads, operations will resume as soon as it is safe to do so.


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