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Derby Hat Contest

Time to put on your derby best for Montclair Day—literally. This year Montclair Day will feature a derby hat contest for the ladies and a derby attire contest for the gentlemen. So dig into your closet and find your most stately hat or your classiest tie and join us at Dolphin Beach on June 3, 2017. The winners will receive tickets to use during the event! Need some tips on what to wear? We’ve got you covered. We've compiled a list of suggestions below for you to consider while selecting your garb.

Derby Hat Contest

-Wide-brimmed, “Southern Belle” style

-Decorated with Flowers, feathers, bows or ribbons

-Patterns and crazy styles or simple elegance

Derby Attire Contest

-Sun-drenched pastels for pants

-Stripped or gingham shirts with a monogram (complementary colors to your pants, of course)

-Blazer, navy or stripped with 2-3 button holes

-A necktie

-Loafers for shoes

-And finally, a fedora or bowler hat to complete the look

All information was found on Go ahead and visit for additional advice on how to dress for a Day at the Races!

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