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American Disposal Contract Update

On June 3th at 3:30pm, the MPOA Board President, General Manager, and Assistant General Manager held a conference call with the Commercial Sales Manager for American Disposal and their HOA Consultant. We expressed our extreme displeasure at the current state of our trash service and the inconsiderate way our Members were notified. American Disposal claims they are unable to conduct trash pickup twice a week in many communities due to workforce shortages. They stated that Montclair is one of many HOAs that had routes changed at the last minute and with little notice. We insisted they honor our contract, however, neither the Sales Manager nor the Consultant has the authority to change our route. We have a another meeting scheduled for June 5th, this time with the American Disposal Executive, who has the authority to change our route back to the contract route. If American Disposal is not willing to honor the contract, then the MPOA Board is prepared to take corrective action on June 12, during the Board of Directors meeting. We appreciate your patience and understanding while we work to resolve this important community issue and will continue to update the Membership once we have more information.

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