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Update - Emergency Level Stage 1

The maintenance team has been on-site at the dam to monitor the lake levels before sunrise today following the earlier storms. The lake level rose rapidly, and the sluice gate was immediately opened.

The water level continued mid-day to rise to reach its highest level of 2’10” due to heavy rainfall and run-off from upstream. The sluice gate will remain open and monitored until approximately 8 pm or as needed. Please safely make any necessary adjustments to your boat lines to compensate. If you have electric going from your home to your docks, please shut the power off now! All outlets at docks should have Ground Fault Interrupt (GFI) circuits. If you do, the power would have shut off automatically, please check to verify. If you don’t or are unsure whether you have GFI, please shut off manually from the circuit breaker and ensure you install GFI in the near future.

Management has been in contact with Prince William County Emergency Management, per the Emergency Action Plan, and there are no areas of concern for the dam's integrity. They visited the site earlier today to inspect the equipment was properly functioning.

They noted an investigation of a possible dam breach or breaches upstream along with a potential debris jam heading our way. We have no further informed work on this at the current time.

The maintenance team will remain solely focused on this situation and stay on-site at all three beach locations and the dam. They will continue to monitor tomorrow and over the weekend as we receive more rainfall. They will follow the plan set in place and the requirements of the State.

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