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Community Update: April 6th - April 13th, 2022


Effective May 1, 2022. Recreation IDs will be going digital with the help of Cell Badge’s mobile security badge system. This system will replace the Recreation IDs, which will no longer be valid.

Registration with Cell Badge will be required to access MPOA’S amenities and events.

1.) Create your account:

Visit: to complete an “Initial Add Request” with contact info for a primary residing Homeowner/Renter. This will be the name/address you will give at check-ins. Allow 3 business days for the approval/rejection process.

2.) Enter Household Info:

-Once accepted, return to the same page to sign in with your contact info and REQUEST A PIN.

-Enter any additional household members who reside at the address of the account.

-Upload a clear, recent, close-up photo for each requested household member by clicking the camera button next to their name

For help setting up your account or additional details, contact: or visit


Reminders & Updates:

Updated Assessments - May 1, 2022 – April 30th, 2023:

The new budget has passed and assessments for the 2023 Fiscal Year (May 1, 2022 – April 30, 2023) will be $720 annually or $62/month if you choose to pay monthly ($60/month + $2 service fee).


March and April Assessment Payments

Residents who pay assessments on a monthly basis, please don’t forget that in a 12-month payment cycle, assessment payments are due on the 1st of every month (including March and April, 2022) and considered late after the 10th of the month.


Committee Members Wanted!

The Communications and Signage Committees are looking for members to join. Here is a brief description of each committee:

Ad Hoc Signage Committee research, discuss, and will develop a plan to secure professional design options to replace current Montclair signs that are consistent in material, style, and theme, while also embodying the "Montclair Community." Signs for consideration are all entrance, beach, and event signs.

The Communications Committee provides creative and technical methods to enhance all avenues of communications between the Board of Directors and Members of the Association, as well as suggesting methods of facilitating information flow from sources outside of the Montclair community.

If you would like to join, please fill out the form located at the bottom of the Committees page on the MPOA website - & email it to


Recreation Guard (Part Time) Positions Available

If you, or anyone you know, would like to apply for a seasonal Recreation Guard position, please click the link-

Apply here:

For more information, please contact: Adam Werle, Assistant General Manager at or call 703-670-6187


Board of Directors Meeting – April 13th

Be involved with your community, and virtually attend the April Board of Directors meeting.

Montclair POA Board of Directors Meeting Approximately 7:30PM

Webinar Link:

Webinar ID - 893 9764 2628

Password – 977499


API Inspection Schedule

April 11th – April 15th

Precinct 1 Streets:

  • Lands End Ct

  • Winding Creek Dr

  • Buena Vista Dr

  • Port Washington Ct

  • Sanibel Ct

  • Beachland Way

  • Ebb Tide Ct

Precinct 4 Streets:

  • Springbranch Blvd.

  • Tallowwood Dr.

  • Silver Leaf Ct.

  • Lindenberry Ln.

  • Camellia Ln.

  • Wintercrest Ct.


2022 Montclair Boat Auction

April 4th – 15th, 2022

The MPOA will auction off all unclaimed or abandoned boats found on Lake Montclair or boats located in West Beach boat racks with expired or no registration stickers.

How to participate:

  • Bids will be accepted beginning Monday, April 4th, 2022

  • Boats that are available for bidding will be located in the West Beach parking lot and marked with a numbered sticker

  • Only bids from owners in good standing will be accepted

  • Limit one bid per household

  • Boat auction form is located at under “Forms and Documents” or available at the MPOA Office.

Forms may be submitted in the following ways:

  • Email:

  • In-person at the MPOA Office or the Black after hours drop box

  • All bids must be received no later than 5PM on Friday, April 15th