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Guideline Changes Effective May 1

The following amendments to the Community Guidelines and Assessment Collection Policy were made at the March 9 Board of Directors meeting. These amendments will go into effect May 1. If you have any questions, please contact the MPOA office at (703) 670-6187.

Assessment Collection Policy to lower the late fee amount to $35;

Article 3, Enclosure 1(d) Community Events Committee Charter to allow approval of time-sensitive items over email with a majority of members represented/accounted for;

Article 5, Section 5.4.40 Siding to permit pre-approved replacement of siding in the existing style, size and color except in Heritage Series, Southlake Landing and Southlake Cove homes;

Article 5, Section 5.4.48 Windows to permit replacement windows in the existing style, color, grid pattern and location except in the Southlake Landing and Southlake Cove homes.

Resolution #16-039 Assessment Collection Policy

Article 3 Effective 05-01-16

Article 5 #16-046 Effective 05-01-16

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