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Reservations for Kids’ Dominion

The MPOA will begin accepting Picnic Area Reservations for the 2018 Recreation Season Thursday, April 26. Remember, due to the Spillway Alteration Project, reservations will only be taken for Kids’ Dominion. Reservations will be accepted on differing dates depending on the nature of the group making the reservation,

30 Days Prior to Kids’ Dominion Opening – Thursday, April 26: Reservations accepted for use by members, their families and informal groups comprised primarily of Montclair residents;

21 Days Prior to Kids’ Dominion Opening – Monday, May 7: Reservations accepted for use by Non-profit organizations based in Montclair and public schools serving the Montclair community;

14 Days Prior to Kids’ Dominion Opening – Monday, May 14: Reservations accepted for use by Non-profit, social and informal organizations not based in Montclair (e.g. church groups). While the group may be based outside of Montclair, the person making the reservation must be a resident of Montclair.

Reservations for For-profit organizations must be reviewed by the Board of Directors. These requests will be reviewed by the Board at the meeting preceding the requested date and no earlier than the June meeting. Reservations will be accepted through the end of the Recreation Season or until all dates are booked. To accommodate as many reservations as possible, reservations are limited to one per household at any given time. That is, if you are reserving a picnic area in June and wish to reserve another date in August, you must wait until the June date has passed to make the August reservation. If you would like to reserve a picnic area this Recreation Season, submit the Picnic Area Reservation form available here, with a copy of the Declaration Page of your Homeowners/Tenants insurance policy to the MPOA office. If you have any questions, please contact us at (703) 670-6187 or