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Lake Montclair Update: 188' Mark Reached

I am pleased to report that as of this writing, the level of the lake has surpassed the 188’ mark. In accordance with the Board’s March motion which closed the beaches and the lake until such time as the project was complete, and the lake returned to the 188’ level, the beaches and Lake Montclair are no longer closed. All rules and regulations for use of the beaches and the lake are still to be followed.

There remain some hazards at Dolphin Beach. The entrance way will continue to be closed to vehicle traffic while MPOA maintenance is installing gates in the next few weeks. The Deck and Dock area is not safe, and orange fencing has been erected around that area. The playground area is also remaining closed and will be replaced as soon as practicable. We also request that you please allow the grass to regrow and stay off all grassed areas.

The MPOA would like to thank you for your patience and cooperation during this project. We are very pleased to have it behind us and to have our beautiful Lake Montclair back.

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